Bitfinex lending bot

Marcopolobot automates cryptocurrency lending on Poloniex and Bitfinex for a variety bitfinex lending bot currencies like Bitcoin, Bitfinex lending bot and more. It is completely free, donations keep the servers running! Bitfinex lending bot can earn interest by lending out your funds to bitfinex lending bot on exchanges like Bitfinex and Poloniex. These traders want to speculate with borrowed funds and therefore they need to borrow funds.

It is easy to start lending. Follow the other steps in the menu and in about two minutes you'll have our service managing your funds. For our FAQ, click here. In order to lend, you need funds in your account on the exchange. Poloniex does not have this requirement. Cryptocurrency lending comes with risk that is mainly bitfinex lending bot with having your bitfinex lending bot on an exchange.

Make sure you understand the risks. This is why we can get the highest lending returns. Read more about our algorithm here. We support connections to Poloniex and Bitfinex and we will expand to many other exchanges in the future.

Lending out your cryptocurrencies with Marcopolobot is easy. Your account will bitfinex lending bot setup in a few minutes. Check out our quickstart to start lending. Documentation Log in Sign Up. Earn Interest On Cryptocurrencies. Setup Bot Learn More. Introduction About cryptocurrency lending. Deposit Funds on Poloniex or Bitfinex Create an account on the exchange and deposit funds. Earn Interest Enjoy high, automated interest rates! Introduction You can earn interest by lending out your funds to traders on exchanges like Bitfinex and Poloniex.

Deposit Funds In order to lend, you need funds in your account on the exchange. After depositing funds in the exchange, transfer the funds to your funding wallet. We'll take it from here. Your funds will be automatically loaned out for optimal interest rates. Secure We can only place loan orders for you.

No withdrawals or trades are possible via the API. Easy Setup Just follow three simple steps and you'll have our application loaning out your funds. Risks Cryptocurrency lending comes with risk that is mainly associated with having your funds on an exchange. Multi-Exchange Support We support connections to Poloniex and Bitfinex and we will expand to many other exchanges in the future.

Insightful Statistics Our bitfinex lending bot will provide you with insightful statistics about your portfolio returns. Contact us support marcopolobot.

Click here for step-by-step instruction. Many exchanges provide the loan money for margin trading themselves, and manage them through the same procedures. If the risk to not get the bitfinex lending bot money back is acceptably small for them, it probably will be for you too. There are however other risks. One of them is that your cryptocurrency eg. Bitcoin bitfinex lending bot lose value permanently. Another is that the exchange might bankrupt.

Still others might exist, too. Lending yourself crypto-money on an exchange is easy - bitfinex lending bot offer certain sum, demanding certain lending rate. If someone agrees, they take it. And if you set the loan offer auto-renew to ON, after being returned the sum will be re-offered, possibly taken again, etc.

However, loan offers form bitfinex lending bot market. The margin traders, who take them, seek the ones with lowest rates. The supply and demand determine the highest rate that will be taken, and it constantly moves. If your offer demands too high a rate, it will not be taken bitfinex lending bot you bitfinex lending bot earn no interest. If it demands too low a rate, you will miss bitfinex lending bot part of the profit you can make.

You also can manage your loans manually, but will miss work and life opportunities, and calculating the best rates is a lot of work. A lending bot does that for you. When a loan is returned, the bot will immediately offer it again, at the current optimal lending rate, and with the accrued interest added to the sum capitalized. If a loan offer isn't taken for a few minutes, it is re-opened with adjusted rate.

Eventually, a lending bot brings you much better interest than an auto-renew plus personal work. Is this lending bot better than the famous Poloniex Lending Bot? Currently, payments should be done after the end of the month. If you have less than BTC or equivalent to manage, longer periods of payment bitfinex lending bot be negotiated. You must transfer them to me - I can't take them from you on my own.

If you don't, the bot will stop servicing you. You can disable it from the site settings. If you do not trust that, just delete from your API keys in the exchange settings the one you provided to me. The exchange will immediately block the access of the bot to your account. The bot will stop managing your loans, and you will have to manage them manually. Apart from that, nothing will change.

To control the lending, I need an API key that has rights neither for withdrawing nor for trading - only for lending money. The worst I can do with your money is to not lend them, and thus earn you no interest. Your e-mail can be given only to law enforcement, if they present a valid court order. And I won't spam you. You must NOT bitfinex lending bot here the same password as on any exchange or anywhere else, for that matter.

After the trade picks up a bit, I hope to be able to. That is why your keys should not allow withdrawing or trading your money. Without these, the hacker will be only able to lend them as I do. As for getting your password, that is why it should not be the same as on an exchange or anywhere else. Currencies loans amounts aren't really comparable - eg. If they are rate-adjusted, eg. Other adjustments fix this problem, but create others. Eventually, bitfinex lending bot is no single good way to draw a comparison chart.

Bitfinex lending bot that you offer this service? Especially after others started before you, and provide great service? A client ordered this bot and then didn't paid for it. So I seek a way to earn something from it and cover my losses.